Meditation (Latin meditatio = „reflect upon”, also meaning „centre alignment” from Latin medius = „the centre”) is a spiritual exercise practised in many cultures and religions (from Wikipedia, free encyclopedia).

Men need meditation to become human.
Throughout history, in various cultures and religions, meditation can be found as a fundamental human phenomenon.
Meditation is the practice of various ways and methods towards personal self-discovery and fulfilment based on the cause of human existence.

“Stress is causing more psychological and physical damage than we know. Neuro-scientists have now discovered in detail how this mass affliction of the 21st century devastates the human brain. The good news: Physical exercise as well as meditation cause new brain cells to grow.” (from „Der Spiegel” 48/2008).

That means: meditation is the way of human spirituality. Spirituality is the essence of being human.
Spirituality provides ways and answers to where human beings have come from, what they are, what they need to accomplish, and what they should do with this. In the unification of sense and being and the spiritual practice the meaning of human life is accomplished (wording by Nakagawa Roshi).

Meditation is practised in different ways.


  1. Through perception (passive). Seeing, hearing, touching.
  2. Through activity and movement. Walking, exercising, work.
  3. Through the stillness of body and mind in the form of sitting and letting be.
  4. Through activity, artistic expression, speaking, expression through words.

Being here

  1. In concentrated tranquility, being fully present in body and mind.
  2. Rest in this tranquility and deepen it.
  3. Awaking in tranquility. Clear vision and understanding of things, causes, oneself, the world, and the cosmos within oneself and in the exterior world.

From there

  1. Performing the daily activities while resting in a fulfilled state.
  2. Expressing active loving compassion and wisdom.
  3. Expressing and practising harmony and peace within oneself
  4. and together with everyone in the community.

Wholesome, joyful, and peaceful effect on physical, emotional and mental levels, on rational and intellectual levels, on spiritual and religious levels for the individual, the group, society and the world.
The path is the goal.

  1. Spirituality that developed through the practise of meditation is the way of being human and the goal of becoming humane.
  2. These statements can be found throughout history in various religions until today, East and West, North and South, yesterday and today, (Buddhist Scriptures, Bible, Koran, Indian Scriptures, and Chinese Scriptures etc.). Peace, joy and harmony are flowing within us, through us, to all.
  3. “Dedicate your life (…) to Buddha Dharma, and even if you do so only for one day or a few moments, it will become the source of eternal joy.” (Dogen, Shobogenzo-Zuimonki)

“Know yourself: wherever you find yourself, let yourself be; this is the best.” (Meister Eckhart, Talks of Instruction)

“I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.” (Words of Jesus, Gospel of John, 14,6)

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