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Study Course Fundamentals of Mahayana

“All of the different phenomena are nothing other than Buddhas truth. What does that mean? – Neither truth nor non-truth, that is Buddhas truth.” (Jué guàn lùn / Zekkanron, Chan/Zen Text, 5th/6th century)
The Mahayana (Great Vehicle) can be described as a development and reformulation of the ‘lessons of the ancients’ (Theravada): other times, other needs, other responses – even in India, and later in China, Korea, Japan, Tibet, wherever in the world, to this day. Whereas the basic questions do not change: Why do I suffer? Is there a way of liberation? Where and who am ‘I’on this path, where and who are’ the others’? Get to know some answers from the great treasure of the Mahayana tradition, which requires a certain level of study (texts, concepts, figures of thought). We are only truly motivated once those questions have become our own life questions.

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