Schedule Sesshin with Edward Brown


05:30 Uhr Wake-up
06:00 Uhr QiGong
06:40 Uhr Zazen
07:15 Uhr Breakfast
08:45 Uhr Sitting meditation with instructions
09:15 Uhr QiGong
10:00 Uhr Break
10:10 Uhr Zazen
10:40 Uhr Outdoor walking meditation
11:20 Uhr Dharma talk
12:00 Uhr Zazen/ Kinhin or Break
12:30 Uhr Mittagessen
14:00 Uhr Samu
15:10 Uhr Zazen
15:40 Uhr Outdoor Walking
16:20 Uhr Zazen
16:50 Uhr QiGong or outdoor walking
17:30 Uhr Zazen
18:00 Uhr Abendessen
19:30 Uhr Dharma talk
20:40 Uhr Zazen/ Kinhin
21:00 Uhr End


Participants are asked to maintain silence other than group events inviting discourse. The entire schedule is by choice – if you need more time off you may choose to take time off. Please let teacher know.

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