Supporting Initiative

Members of the supporting initiative support us on a regular basis and help us to cover our current costs for the centre and the monastery. To be a supporting member is a continuous donation practice that supports the centre and the monastery effectively.

A registration form for the supporting initiavite can be downloaded here. Alternatively we will send you one upon request.

Single donations are also gratefully accepted. The centre is a non-profit organisation and donations are tax-deductable.
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Dana is the practice of giving and receiving. Whatever you give materially, you will receive back, materially and spiritually. Whatever you give spiritually, you will receive materially and spiritually. We practise this support to each other and continue on our way together – a way in the shape of a spiral, the centre of which is empty in the end.

People who come to the monastery Fumonji support Fumonji with their spiritual practice, their work and their financial means. Fumonji supports them through the power of the place, of daily practice and passing on of the teachings.
Through the act of giving we develop the ability to let go and share. We become aware of our natural conjointness and that all we receive in whatever shape or form makes us happy.

The fees for our courses are kept low to make them accessible to everyone. The fees are used to cover the organisational cost of the monastery and the seminar house and also partly for fees and expenses to be paid to guest speakers. However, our fees can’t cover all of that. The people living in the monastery do not have an income in the normal sense. The community can only exist through Dana support, especially since the monastery does not get any public grants. Financial Dana is given at the end of the course at your discretion.