Monastery Daihi Shobozan Kosho Fumonji

The Monastery Daihi Shobozan Kosho Fumonji was officially founded in 2006 and Fumon Nakagawa Roshi was appointed abbot. Honorary founder is Ekiho Miyazaki Zenji, main abbot of the Soto Main Monastery Eiheiji in Japan. Daihizan Fumonji is thus in direct lineage to the Monastery Eiheiji.

One of the main tasks of a monastery is to serve individuals as well as society as a spiritual source, like fresh water that gives life permanently. To fulfil this task in our times, a form is needed that takes the needs of today’s people into consideration.

To do this, Saddharma-Sangha was established. The Sangha and the monastery Fumonji live through the motivation and determination of the members to intensely train and practise Dharma.

The monastery community forms the core Sangha and shapes everyday life in the monastery. The people have made the decision to live a dedicated monastic life. Each Doing and Not-Doing should be spiritual practice.

Buddha’s teachings on the Eight-fold-Path, the Three Trainings, Shīla wholesome daily life, Samãdhi meditation, and Prajña insight, are the fundamentals.

Modern society needs training to be human. From a spiritual point of view, man should re-discover the dignity of life and existence within himself and in his environment. He should learn to live and die with dignity.

Wholesome life, trained and understood like that, is a happy and joyful life.

May the Monastery Fumonji be a true home and an oasis of life.