Greetings of the house to you

The house is here for you since 1996.
You have arrived at this house.
You are at home at this place
where the mountain of peace and compassion stands (DAIHIZAN)
and where the Vihara place of peace of the universal all-encompassing gate is (FUMONJI).

»DAIHIZAN FUMONJI« wants to be the manifestation
of the boundless love and compassion
of Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara.
This is wonderful, and the most amazing thing is,
that YOU are here, together with all of us,
on this mountain, in this place,
where all are embraced by boundless love.

You are whole. You are love.
Manifest this essence within you,
for yourself, for all,
in this moment of the eternity of your life!
You have arrived in this place,
you are at home in this house
in peace, in joy,
in eternity.

Fumon S. Nakagawa, Mai 2000