Saddharma-Sangha–Basic Information

I. Membership of Saddharma-Sangha means

  • being prepared to practice Dharma friendship with others and thereby seeing ones own spiritual development as a part of a larger entity.
  • accepting Fumon Nakagawa Roshi as the spiritual leader of Sangha .
  • practicing the practical forms of Daihizan Fumonji.
  • sharing the spiritual orientation of the Eisenbuch Zen Center and the Fumonji Monastery and seeking to engage in ones own way .

II. Requirements for Entry
Sangha Group
* Participation in 1-2 courses in Fumonji (at least 7 days);
* Adoption of the 5 Shilas ;
*Accession Ceremony/adoption of the 21 Shilas.

San`nai Group (Training group)
* 2 years of membership in the Sangha group;
* Participation in at least 2 Sesshins, 1 study course (during these 2 years)

III. Membership of  Saddharma-Sangha
Sangha Group
 * Course participation once a year as part of the “Sangha Days”
* 20 % discount on this course (course fee);
* Annual membership fee of 120 €;
* Rakusu- and Kesa sewing possible

San`nai Group (Training group)
* Course participation once a year as part of the “Sangha Days” (course fee free);
* 1 San`nai-Sesshin /activ members organizing courses are not intended;
* Staggered monthly fee: 30 €/ 60 €/ 100 €
* Rakusu- and Kesa sewing

IV.  Termination of Membership
Possible at alls times from both sides, in writing, without notice.