Shila Practice

The five Shilas

1. Abstain from taking life
2. Abstain from stealing
3. Abstain from sexual misconduct
4. Abstain from lying
5. Abstain from the use of intoxicating substances
The 21 Shilas of the Saddharma Sangha

The Three Pure Shilas

1. Abstain from all ill
2. Do all good
3. Save all creatures

The Ten Restrictive Shilas

4.  Abstain from taking life
5.  Abstain from stealing
6.  Abstain from sexual misconduct
7.  Abstain from lying
8.  Abstain from the use of intoxicating substances
9.  Abstain from criticising the faults of others
10. Abstain from self-praise and defamation
11. Abstain from avarice
12. Abstain from anger
13. Abstain from abusing the three treasures

The Eight Shilas from “Yuikyo-gyo”, “Sutra of Buddha’s Legacy”

14. Small desire
15. To know satisfaction
16. To enjoy tranquility
17. To practice diligence
18. Not to lose mindfullness
19. To practice the balanced state of dhyana
20. To practice prajña-wisdom
21. Not to engage in idle discussion

(transl. Nishijima/Cross)