Zen-Flute by Nakagawa Roshi

Shakuhachi recorded live in a Jesuit chapel in Prague.
The fierst piece of this concert ( Melody CHOSHI) can be seen >> here << (on You Tube).
The whole video is available at the Zen Centre for 18.00 €.


A place for Wholesome Living

On “You Tube” you can see a film about Zen-Center Eisenbuch called  “A place for Wholesome Living”, published by “Zeilen + Punkte Medienservice München”.
The film can be seen  >> here <<


Round tour of the Zen Centre and the Monastery

In this video, Nakagawa Roshi, abbot of the Zen Monastery DAIHIZAN FUMONJI and spritual leader of the Zen Centre Eisenbuch invites you to take a tour of the Zen Centre and the monastery. The video is located on “YouTube”.
The film can be seen >> here <<.