Book: “Zen weil wir Menschen sind“ (Zen, because we are human beings)

Fumon Roshi shows in this book which meaning Zen can have in our times. He also shows western people a way to overcome misunderstandings of dealing with this foreign culture and spirituality.  Emmanuel Jungclaussen, Abbott of Niederalteich, said:” There are more concise books on Zen but hardly a more concrete and honest one and therefore more helpful for westerners.” The special appeal of the book is Fumon Roshi’s personal view that is part of the book.
€ 16.90 plus postage and packaging.

New! DVD “Sound and monk’s bowl”
Shakuhachi flute by Fumon Nakagawa Roshi 
live recorded in a jesuit chappel
€ 18,- plus postage and packaging.

CD „Rezitationen aus dem Zen-Kloster Daihizan Fumonji“ (Recitations from the Zen Monastery Daihizan Fumonj)

Recitations and chants belong to to the daily life in Zen – from the Kesa in the morning (Takkesa ge) to the heart sutra (Hannya shingyo) and the solemn chants when flowers are strewn (Sange shogon). The recordings, guided by abbot Nakagawa Fumon Roshi, are  from the Zen Monastery Daihizan Fumonji in Eisenbuch, Bavaria.

24-page booklet, Japanese texts in phonetic notation, English and German translations. Duration 60 minutes.
€ 24.00 plus postage and packaging.


CD „Einführung in die Zen-Meditation“ (Introduction to Zen Meditation)

The CD „Einführung in die Zen-Meditation“ Fumon Roshi gives first insights into Zen Buddhism from different angles. If you are new to Zen meditation, you can get first impressions through meditation, a lecture, a recitation and meditative music before you come to the Zen centre. It is also very helpful for people who have already been practising for a long time and want to meditate at home under Fumon Roshi’s guidance. It starts with a 10 minute meditation, followed by a lecture about the meaning of spiritual tradition for today’s practice. The following meditation “In Out” supports the practitioners with the development of compassion and loving kindness. A recital of the Japanese heart sutra and Fumon Roshi playing the Shakuhachi round off the introduction to Zen meditation.
€ 18,- plus postage and packaging.

„Zen-Dynamik. Buddha und Dogen hier und heute“ (Zen Dynamics. Buddha and Dogen today)

The 47-page brochure on the occasion of the celebration of Shinsan Shiki on September 9, 2006 in Eisenbuch contains lectures by Prof. Dr. Yasuaki Nara and Fumon S. Nakagawa Roshi. The lecture by Prof.Dr.Yasuaki Nara, who is now professor emeritus and has been president of the Komazawa University in Tokio until 2006, is titled ” From Buddha to Dogen – to go the way”. Fumon S. Nakagawa Roshi, abbot of the Zen Monastery Fumonji, talks in his lecture about “Zen and the present”.
€ 7.00 plus postage and packaging.

“Krebs – Erfahrungen einer spirituellen Suche“ (Cancer – experiences of a spiritual search)
by Relia Wecker

A spiritual way out of illness – a very personal story that provides encouragement to find an individual way towards healing. Published 2004, Lüchow Verlag.
€ 17.90 plus postage and packaging.

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