Healing Environment

There are many environmental factors that can be very challenging and not everyone can cope well with them. Especially sensitive and ill people often suffer severely from geopathic disturbances, electromagnetic pollution etc.

Nowadays there are many possibilities and some very simple tools that help to transform such disturbances.

Ever since Feng Shui reached the West many people have come to value the positive effects of tidiness and a harmonious environment both at home and at work.

In our courses about wholesome living we will step by step deal with the following topics:


  •     plants
  •     stones
  •     sounds
  •     fragrances
  •     colours
  •     shapes
  •     images
  •     materials
  •     sources of light
  •     air humidity
  •     micro-organisms
As soon as we become aware of these possibilities and implement them with little effort in our environment we will soon discover how beneficial they can be for our well-being.